CFP: 1st IEEE Workshop on Kernels and Distances for Computer Vision

Call for Participation:
1st IEEE Workshop on Kernels and Distances for Computer Vision
ICCV 2011 Workshop, Barcelona, Spain
workshop date: November 13, 2011,
submission deadline: August 28th, 2011

A basic building block in many high-level Computer Vision tasks such as image classification, object detection, image retrieval, image segmentation, etc is the notion of a distance or similarity between images and/or parts thereof. This is conveniently formalized in the concept of distance functions and kernels which can be used with many existing algorithms such as large margin classifiers or nearest neighbour algorithms. The importance of suitable distances and kernels is reflected in the large number of publications at major computer vision conferences. Researchers have mainly pursued two different routes, via a) encoding human prior knowledge manually, or b) learning-based approaches that try to infer these functions automatically from training data. In particular, approaches to the latter have been applied quite successfully to the aforementioned tasks, as evident from ever-improving performance results on standard benchmark data sets. However, several key issues remain, and many existing approaches employ only simple distance and kernel functions that are not tailored to the specifics of the Computer Vision problem at hand.

We invite authors to submit abstracts of relevant research for presentation at the workshop. Topics relevant to the workshop include (but are not limited to) ongoing research efforts related to distances and kernels in computer vision, such as novel algorithmic formulations, applications of distance/kernel learning in vision, or empirical evaluations of existing techniques.

Invited Speakers:
Liefeng Bo (University of Washington), Deva Ramanan (UC Irvine), Fernando de la Torre (CMU), Andrea Vedaldi (University of Oxford)

Abstracts should be submitted as .pdf, and should not exceed two pages. Each submission will be reviewed by members of the workshop committee, and successful abstracts will be selected for presentation at the workshop as either oral or poster presentations. The deadline for submission is August 28, 2011. We expect decisions to be announced on or around September 4, 2011. Link to the submission site:

Please note that we do not plan workshop proceedings. The intention of the workshop is to provide an overview of recent advances, so we invite presentation of previously-published work. We also invite submissions of work in progress that has not been published; since there are no proceedings, such work can be published in another peer-reviewed venue.

The workshop is co-organized by Peter Gehler (Max Planck Institute for Informatics), Christoph Lampert (IST Austria), and Brian Kulis (UC Berkeley).