Academic Video Journals

Video Journal of Machine Learning Abstracts

This new journal aims to give researchers a way of rapidly understanding the key message and main ideas behind a paper available elsewhere. One of the authors of each paper presents a short video summary of their paper enabling viewers to form an impression of the content and relevance of the paper to their research. We have also enabled a feature allowing viewers to add their own comments about papers. Each entry includes a link to the original paper together with any additional material or addenda that authors wish to include. The journal has currently 4 Volumes, 18.762 Views and 164 Video Abstracts available from 2010 – 2013.

John Shawe-Taylor         Centre for Computational Statistics and Machine Learning, University College London
Special issue guest editors:
Richard Zeme Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto
Davor Orlič Centre for knowledge transfer in IT, Jožef Stefan Institute
Fernando Pereira IST – Instituto Superior Técnico
Peter L. Bartlett UC Berkeley
Léon Bottou Microsoft Research
Patrick Haffner, AT&T Labs Research
Chris Burges Microsoft Research
Jan Rupnik Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Jožef Stefan Institute
Moritz Grosse-Wentrup Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Max Planck Institute
Samuel Kaski Department of Information and Computer Science, Aalto University
Alfons Juan-Císcar Departament of Computer Systems and Computation, Technical University of Valencia
Riad Akrour CNRS-LRI/LM, Paris Sud

Video Journal of Semantic Data Management

This journal represents an innovative and multimedial way of publishing and sharing current research in the area of Semantic Data Management. It calls for presentations on original and high-quality research describing the role of Semantic Web technologies, Linked Data, and ontologies for the Data Management. We welcome video recordings of research covering a wide range of topics, including presentations on full research papers, application reports, systems and tools, ontology papers, surveys, as well as data set reports as long as they clearly relate to challenges and opportunities arising from processing and managing data with the added value of semantics. The journal currently includes 2 Volumes, 721 Views, 12 Video Abstracts available from 2012 – 2013.


Elena Simperl University of Southampton 
Davor Orlič Centre for knowledge transfer in IT, Jožef Stefan Institute
Oscar Corcho Technical University of Madrid
John Domingue Knowledge Media Institute, Open University (OU)