Deadline 21 March: PhD studentships in Complex and Disordered Systems at King’s College London

Two PhD studentships (Graduate Teaching Assistantships) in Complex and Disordered Systems
King’s College London, Department of Mathematics

The Disordered Systems group at King’s College London expects to have several vacancies for entry into the PhD programme in autumn 2011. The group (see has broad-ranging research interests in the application of tools from statistical mechanics to complex and disordered systems, including

– physics: soft matter (phase behaviour and flow), fracture and packing, non-equilibrium and glassy systems
– mathematics: sparse random matrix spectra, localization
– biology: metabolic and protein interaction networks, random graph ensembles, DNA stretching, survival statistics
– econophysics: collective effects in operational risk
– machine learning: learning and statistical inference on graphs

Two PhD studentships have just become available through a Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) scheme, see
Successful candidates will be able to gain teaching experience of up to 6 hours per week on average, and receive relevant training in teaching methods. They will receive a studentship payment of around GBP15,000 per year over three years as well as a fee waiver, i.e. they will not have to pay any course fees. This makes the GTAs attractive also to overseas students, for whom course fees can otherwise be substantial.

Interested applicants should contact lucy.ward(at) as soon as possible. The application deadline is very soon, on 21 March 2011. Queries regarding research interests etc can be addressed to Prof Peter Sollich (peter.sollich(at) or any other member of the research group.