Escape Reality

Startup | Armenia | Yerevan

“Escape Reality” is a not so simple runner game with AI integration. The fist outstanding feature is the binding of the player’s surroundings (“Reality”) with the game. The weather changes depending on the weather outside bringing different obstacles (Sunny – Lava, Rainy – Water, Foggy – Fog, Windy – Storm). The progression in the game is signified by the game world gradually changing from the gray “Reality” to colorful and joyful gaming world. When you start to fully enter gaming reality, you can see different Easter eggs from classic gaming franchises, memes etc. Along the way the game world is always changing depending on the weather, time of the day, location, surrounding light/ noise and much much more. Basically, every time the user enters the game something will be different. The next big idea is to add Always learning Artificial Intelligence that will talk to the player.

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