Workshop on Dynamics of Biological Networks, Edinburgh 25-26 June

Dynamics of biological networks workshop, Informatics Forum, University of Edinburgh, 25-26 June 2013

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Dynamical models of biological systems have received considerable attention in the machine learning and systems biology community. Two problems which have received particular attention are the inference of network structures from data (structure learning problem) and the identification of parameters and functional forms describing the dynamic of the systems given a networks structure. This workshop will bring together experts in dynamical systems, network inference and systems biology to define and address the outstanding challenges in the field, as well as presenting the latest research.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers
Dirk Husmeier (Glasgow)
Heinz Koeppl (ETH Zurich)
Olga Troyanskaya (Princeton)
Eric Xing (CMU)

The workshop registration will start at 11:30am on Tuesday, 25 June (followed by lunch at 12:00), and end at 3pm on Wednesday 26 June. There will be lunch available on both days, and a workshop dinner on 25. June. The programme will include invited keynote lectures, contributed talks and posters, and a discussion session.
Attendance of the workshop is free. At this point we invite contributed talks and posters. Please register and submit your abstract using the following website: Workshop Registration

Guido Sanguinetti (Edinburgh)
Edoardo Airoldi (Harvard Statistics)
Matthias Hennig (Edinburgh)

BBSRC International Partnering Award between Edinburgh and Harvard (to G.S.)
The Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance