Last call for Challenge Proposals! Deadline 3rd February 2012

Next Call for Challenge Proposals – Winter 2012
Deadline, Feb. 3rd, 2012

The goal of Pascal-II Challenges is to advance the state of the art about cognitive systems. The cognitive banner is large: welcome are proposals related to

* communication (language, voice, vision, haptics, brain signals, representation, feature construction, – non exhaustive list)
* interaction (games, robotics, social networks, preferences, validation, experiment design, distributed/decentralized decision – n.e.l.)
* applicative settings (multi-task and transfert, drift, privacy and anonymization – n.e.l.)
* theoretical and/or algorithmic aspects of communication, interaction, computational thinking, and cognition at large.

Challenges come in three possible flavors:

* Applicative challenges aim at advancing the state of the art in some real-world domain; they should come with real-world, comprehensive datasets, with different levels of difficulty if possible.
* Exploratory challenges aim at investigating a new field/mode of ML; they should come with highly flexible settings, in order to understand where the difficulty is and to perform lesion studies.
* Theoretical challenges aim at long term research; they should provide (experimental or theoretical) milestones for the road.

NB: A legacy of Pascal-I is a perennial repository, storing all previous challenge datasets; Pascal-II challenges will participate to this repository, contributing to a principled, well-recognized and up-to-date benchmarking methodology.