Last call for abstracts – ROKS 2013 – Leuven July 8-10, 2013


International workshop on advances in Regularization, Optimization, Kernel methods and Support vector machines: theory and applications

July 8-10, 2013, Leuven, Belgium


One area of high impact both in theory and applications is kernel methods and support vector machines. Optimization problems, learning and representations of models are key ingredients in these methods. On the other hand considerable progress has also been made on regularization of parametric models, including methods for compressed sensing and sparsity, where convex optimization plays a prominent role. The aim of
ROKS-2013 is to provide a multi-disciplinary forum where researchers of different communities can meet, to find new synergies along these areas, both at the level of theory and applications.

The scope includes but is not limited to:
– Regularization: L2, L1, Lp, lasso, group lasso, elastic net, spectral regularization, nuclear norm, others
– Support vector machines, least squares support vector machines, kernel methods, gaussian processes and graphical models
– Lagrange duality, Fenchel duality, estimation in Hilbert spaces, reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces, Banach spaces, operator splitting
– Optimization formulations, optimization algorithms
– Supervised, unsupervised, semi-supervised learning, inductive and transductive learning
– Multi-task learning, multiple kernel learning, choice of kernel functions, manifold learning
– Prior knowledge incorporation
– Approximation theory, learning theory, statistics
– Matrix and tensor completion, learning with tensors
– Feature selection, structure detection, regularization paths, model selection
– Sparsity and interpretability
– On-line learning and optimization
– Applications in machine learning, computational intelligence, pattern analysis, system identification, signal processing, networks, datamining, others
– Software


Francis Bach, INRIA
Stephen Boyd, Stanford University
Martin Jaggi, Ecole Polytechnique Paris
James Kwok, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Yurii Nesterov, Catholic University of Louvain UCL Massimiliano Pontil, University College London Justin Romberg, Georgia Tech John Shawe-Taylor, University College London Alexander Smola, Google & UC Berkeley Joel Tropp, California Institute of Technology Ding-Xuan Zhou, City University of Hong Kong


The ROKS-2013 program will feature invited plenary talks, oral sessions and poster sessions. Interested participants are cordially invited to submit an extended abstract (max. 2 pages) for their contribution. After the workshop a number of selected contributions will be invited for an edited book.

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– Deadline extended abstract submission: March 4, 2013
– Notification of acceptance: April 8, 2013
– Deadline for registration: June 3, 2013
– International Workshop ROKS-2013: July 8-10, 2013


Chair: Johan Suykens (KU Leuven)

Andreas Argyriou (Ecole Centrale Paris), Kris De Brabanter (KU Leuven), Moritz Diehl (KU Leuven), Kristiaan Pelckmans (Uppsala University), Marco Signoretto (KU Leuven), Vanya Van Belle (KU Leuven), Joos Vandewalle (KU Leuven)

Co-sponsored by ERC Advanced Grant