ICML ’13 Workshop – Call for papers

ICML ’13 Workshop – Call for papers:
Prediction with Sequential Models
June 21st or 22nd, Atlanta, GA, USA
*** Website: http://psm.lal.in2p3.fr/ ***


Supervised and unsupervised function learning is a vast domain with a plethora of standard algorithmic solutions. Most of these methods learn a monolithic predictor function in the sense that each test instance is processed in a single-step, atomic process. In contrast, some recent studies have proposed a different paradigm in which *prediction is reformulated as a sequential decision process* and *learning the predictor function corresponds to solving a dynamic control problem*. These new approaches bridge “classical” supervised and unsupervised learning problems with the fields of control theory and reinforcement learning (RL), and raise interesting questions on different domains ranging from reinforcement learning to representation learning.

This workshop aims at gathering the various machine learning sub-communities that have worked around the subject and discuss the aforementioned issues. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
• Generic topics:
– Classification, ranking,
– Budgeted and/or cost-sensitive classification
– Structured prediction
– Sparse coding with sequential models
– Feature selection.
• Reinforcement learning applied to learning sequential functions:
– RL with many discrete actions
– RL in high-dimensional spaces
– Inverse RL
• Applications:
– Real-time detection and classification
– Text/image classification and information extraction
– Trigger design in high-energy particle physics
– Web-page ranking
– Medical diagnosis
Program Committee
• Francis Bach – Laboratoire d’Informatique de l’Ecole Normale Superieure – INRIA-Sierra – France
• Aaron Courville – University of Montreal – Canada
• Jason Eisner – Johns Hopkins University – USA
• Damien Ernst – University of Liege – Belgium
• Hugo Larochelle – University of Sherbrooke – Canada
• Francis Maes – Catholic University of Leuven – Belgium
• Rémi Munos – INRIA Sequel – France
• Philippe Preux – University Lille 3 – INRIA Sequel – France
• Thomas Rückstieß – Technische Universitat Munchen – Germany
• Csaba Szepesvári – University of Alberta – Canada
• Kilian Weinberger – Washington University – USA

• Djalel Benbouzid (Paris Sud – CNRS)
• Ludovic Denoyer (UPMC – LIP6)
• Gabriel Dulac-Arnold (UPMC – LIP6)
• Patrick Gallinari (UPMC – LIP6)
• Balàzs Kégl (Paris Sud – CNRS)
• Michèle Sébag (Paris Sud – CNRS)