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Call For Papers

The International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications encourages submissions of papers addressing theoretical and practical implementations in information and systems applications. It also focuses on areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Networking, Multimedia Tools, Virtual Reality and Computational Intelligence to name a few.

IJACSA solicits papers in domains such as database security/privacy, usability aspects, operating systems, and Self Learning Capability algorithms, networking, Artificial Intelligence, Information Security etc.

Papers that introduce and address unique algorithms and application challenges or present thought-provoking ideas are welcome.

The editor believes that collectively, the journal editor, reviewers, and manuscript authors can contribute to the advancement of the journals by ensuring that the review process is among other things, comprehensive, constructive, courteous, developmental, fair, objective, and timely. Most reviewers are authors, researchers, or sometimes editors in their own right. Our review process allows these authors and editors an opportunity to use and develop their own expertise in a number of significant ways.

For any common queries like fee details, indexing information etc., you may read the FAQ’s on our website.

Upcoming Issue – (Volume 4 No 2):
Paper Submission Due: 05 February 2013
Acceptance Notification: 15 February 2013
Publication Date: 01 March 2013

Upcoming Issue – (Volume 4 No 3):
Paper Submission Due: 01 March 2013
Acceptance Notification: 15 March 2013
Publication Date: 01 April 2013

(We accept submissions year-round.)

Call For Papers:
The topics in IJACSA include but are not confined to the following areas:
Edge Trends in IT
• Cloud Computing
• Internet technologies
• Artificial Intelligence
• Image Processing and analysis
• Protocols and Standards
• Ubiquitous Computing
• Virtual Reality
• Human Computer Interaction
• Geographic information systems
• Networking
• Quantum Computing
• Satellite and Optical Communication Systems
• 3G/4G Network Evolutions
• CDMA/GSM Communication Protocols
• Mobile Computing
• Open Spectrum Solutions
• Communication Protocols
• Sensor networks and social sensing
• Wireless applications
• Securing the Secure
• Biometrics
• Internet security
• Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
• Web services and performance
• Secure transactions
• Cryptography
• Secure Protocols
• Cyber law
• Forensics
• Intelligent data management
• Intelligent Systems
• Content Development
• Data Mining
• Digital Libraries
• Information Search and Retrieval
• Knowledge Management
• e-Intelligence
• Knowledge networks
• E-learning
• Collaborative Learning
• Curriculum Content Design
• Delivery Systems and Environments
• Educational Systems Design
• e-Learning Organisational Issues
• Virtual Learning Environments
• Web-based Learning Communities
• e-Learning Tools
• e-Business
• Enterprise Resource Planning
• e-Business Models
• Digital Goods and Services
• e-Commerce Application Fields
• e-Commerce Economics
• e-Commerce Services
• Digital Marketing
• Web Analytics
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