Postdoc positions at IBM Language and Knowledge Center, Trento, Italy

The newly established IBM Language and Knowledge Center, Trento , Italy has a postdoc position in the following area:

-Natural Language Dialog

The postdoc scholar will be part of a research project aiming at designing machines
that interact with humans and support them in complex and large scale decision making tasks.
The team includes researchers from IBM and the TrentoRise Human Language Technology Center
founded by the University of Trento and FBK. Candidates with strong research background in
at least one of the following:

– Conversational Dialogue Systems
– Statistical models of Dialogue
– Natural Language Understanding
– Machine Learning
– Question Answering Systems

are invited to apply.

The official postdoc position application site

If you would like to enquiry about the position send an email along with the CV to

Prof. Giuseppe Riccardi

Deadline: February 5, 2013