Postdoc positions in ML & Robotics at University Stuttgart

*Postdoc Positions at the new*
*Machine Learning & Robotics Lab, Stuttgart*

Two Postdoc positions are available at the new Machine Learning & Robotics which will be launched at University Stuttgart in January 2013. The lab focuses on the intersections between Machine Learning (Reinforcement Learning) and Robotics, covering topics such as the combination of logic, probabilities and geometry; representation and symbol learning for acting; probabilistic inference for control and planning; and autonomous exploration. Post docs with either more affinity to Robotics (e.g., building autonomous systems that learn via exploration, imitation or instruction) or Machine Learning (e.g., addressing core challenges as mentioned above in the context of RL or
perception) are equally invited to apply.

The available positions range from senior group leader level (A14, potentially unlimited contract) to short term Postdoc, depending on your profile and plans. The lab offers rich infrastructure (e.g., we plan to get a PR2) and close proximity and cooperation possibilities with the Max-Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (Schölkopf, Schaal, Black). Senior Postdocs have one or more PhD positions, depending on additional funding.

The application process is informal. Applicants should have an excellent publication record on the relevant conferences (e.g., RSS, ICRA, IROS or ICML, UAI, NIPS, AISTATS) and in these publications demonstrate genuine and methodologically solid research ideas and superior knowledge of their field. In you have any questions concerning the position, please contact me any time informally.

Applications should be send by email to, including a pointer to your webpage where publications can be downloaded, and an ordinary CV. There is no fixed deadline: positions will be open until appropriate candidates are found (at least until Oct 22nd). Please contact me on your earliest convenience.


Marc Toussaint, Prof. Dr.
FU Berlin
Arnimallee 7
14195 Berlin, Germany
+49 (0)30 838 52485