Ph.D. vacancy at the School of Computing Science, University of Glasgow, supervised by Prof. Roderick Murray-Smith

Available immediately, part-funded and run in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen ( ). There will be opportunities for internships at Bang & Olufsen’s labs in Denmark during the Ph.D.

Natural Interaction with Products
Living rooms now contain a large number of different sensors and interactive surfaces. The Microsoft Kinect can detect movements and voice, a multitude of different sensors that can detect movements, presence, identity, voice, etc. are now widely available and TVs have video cameras and microphones that detect gestures and voice commands. Input and output are spread across many different devices with different capabilities and accuracies.

Based on this it is relevant to study how best to take advantage of the various technologies in the best possible way when creating interactive products. Areas of research in this project are include: 1. Combining sensing for precise positioning and control – A wide range of sensors are available in the living room context. 2. Modality scheduling – if we can improve positioning and gesture recognition, how should we give feedback to users at each stage of the interaction? Which sensors or channels dominate might be different at different points in the interaction. Combining multi-sensor input with multimodal feedback we can then investigate the best ways of closing the loop between input and output in the context of the living room.

The stipend funding is at standard UK rates (£13,590), which are usually tax-free, and the project also includes fees for EU citizens. Please apply ASAP to