Postdoc and PhD student (with scholarship)

One post doctoral researcher and one PhD student (with scholarship) is needed for a research project in the field of high-dimensional machine learning, which involves tools from machine learning, high-dimensional statistics, optimization and probability, led by Prof. Huan Xu, Prof. Chongjin Ong and Prof. Chenlei Leng from the National University of Singapore, starting as early as Jan 2013. The PhD position is within the department of Mechanical Engineering and will be under the supervision of Prof. Xu and Prof Ong, and the post doctoral researcher is expected to be working closely with all three faculty members. Interested applicants please email to Prof. Xu at

Ideally, an applicant to the PhD position should have relevant research exposure in machine learning, operations research or statistics, and have solid mathematical ability. Good publication record would be a big plus. For the post doctoral researcher position, we expect an applicant to have strong research ability demonstrated from publication in high profile venue in relevant fields. For both positions, the applicants must be highly motivated and self-driven, eager to learn new tools and new methodologies.

About the PI (Huan Xu): I am an assistant Professor in the department of mechanical engineering in the National University of Singapore. My current research interest focus on learning and decision-making in large-scale complex systems. Specifically, I have done work in machine learning, high-dimensional statistics (e.g., Lasso, robust PCA etc), robust and adaptable optimization, Markov decision processes, and application in E-commerce, social network analysis and electricity power system. My researcjhas been published in venues including Operations Research, Math. Oper. Res., IEEE Info. Theory, JMLR, ICML/NIPS/COLT etc. More details of my research can be found in my website

The information of the co-PIs can be found in the following websites.

Huan XU

Assistant Professor :: Department of Mechanical Engineering ::: National University of Singapore
Office Room: E2-05-13
DID: 65-65164094