CFP: Two NIPS workshops

NIPS 2012 Workshop on the Confluence between Kernel Methods and Graphical Models
This workshop addresses two main research questions: first, how may kernel methods be used to address difficult learning problems for graphical models, such as inference for multi-modal continuous distributions on many variables, and dealing with non-conjugate priors? And second, how might kernel methods be advanced by bringing in concepts from graphical models, for instance by incorporating sophisticated conditional independence structures, latent variables, and prior information?

Submissions due: Sep 26
Notification: Oct 14

NIPS 2012 Workshop on Modern Nonparametric Methods in Machine Learning

Statistical analysis of big, high-dimensional data has become frequent in many scientific fields ranging from biology, genomics and health sciences to astronomy, economics and machine learning. The aim of this workshop is to bring together practitioners, who work on specialized applications, and theoreticians that are interested in providing sound methodology. We hope to advertise recent successes of nonparametric methods in a number of domains, involving large scale high-dimensional problems, and to dismiss the common belief that nonparametric methods are not suitable for dealing with challenges arising from big data.

Submissions due: Sep 16
Notification: Oct 7