Deadline: AUGUST 31, 2012

Dear Pascal2 Researchers,

in order to facilitate placement and technology transfer activities, the Pascal2 Internal Visiting Program is inviting applications for student internships at industry organizations. This is specifically devoted to PhD and PostDoc students who are members of Pascal2. We invite both individuals/organizations who have previously sent in an expression of interest, as well as new ones.

The internship should last about 3 months AND FINISH BY THE END OF FEBRUARY 2013, while the host organization can in principle be any enterprise located anywhere in the world. THIS WILL BE THE LAST CHANCE FOR APPLYING TO THIS FUNDING SCHEME WITHIN PASCAL2.

(“VISIT TO INDUSTRY (LAST CHANCE !)” section) for details.

It is anticipated that the main use of funds under the Pascal2 Visit to Industry stream will be to partially support travel and subsistence for the visit. The program is not intended to cover salaries. Applications should be made by the visitor.

A Pascal2 Visit to Industry proposal should address the following main points:

– Activity description: What is the intern supposed to do ? Why is it interesting/relevant
from a scientific and/or technological viewpoint ?
Why is Machine Learning relevant to this activity ? How and to what extent
the internship is facilitating placement of the intern at the host organization ?
– Information on the host organization: Name, legal form, address, country, number
of employees, short description of enterprise activities
– Name and contact details of the person at the host organization (“tutor”) who
will be in charge of advising the intern, and help with him/her integration in the host
– Content of the training (if any) that will be delivered to the intern
– Contribution granted to the intern by the host organization (e.g., accomodation,
small salary)
– Financial contribution requested to Pascal2 Visit to Industry

Proposals will be evaluated in terms of:
– Scientific and/or technological content
– Training content (if any)
– Host environment integration/placement content
– Practical support provided by the host organization to the intern
– Budget requested to Pascal2 Visit to Industry; normally the maximum
allocation will be 1000 euros per month.

Actual submissions should be done through the Pascal2 Internal Visiting Program at
and clicking on the Request tab.

All enquiries should be directed to: claudiogentileuninsubriait

Please send any extra material accompanying the web submission to Claudio Gentile
(claudiogentileuninsubriait) by August 31st, 2012