research positions on NLP/ML at

dMetrics is working on creating the next generation of text-analysis technology.
Its team includes experts on both natural language processing and machine
learning. The company is currently hiring and has openings in both research and
engineering, see: for details.

To potential applicants: If you attend EACL-2012 and are interested in knowing
more about job opportunities at dMetrics please contact Ariadna Quattoni or Xavier



dMetrics develops machine learning and natural language processing techniques to
meet both high-precision and high-recall information needs. Staffed with six
research scientists, and supported by software engineers, we offer opportunities
for applied research on a variety of projects related to language understanding,
ranging from solving classification and structure prediction problems for
fine-grained information extraction to building robust natural language processing
(NLP) architectures integrating syntactic and semantic components for processing
very large noisy data sets to mining and validating information extracted from
natural language data to annotating and curating text data.

Successful candidates will initiate and execute applied research projects, develop
innovative algorithms to analyze data, coauthor patents, and stay current with the
academic state-of-the-art.

The candidates will have a strong background in machine learning, data mining,
and/or NLP. Experience in processing large data sets is desirable. A solid
research publication record in these areas is a plus.



We offer research scientist and internship positions to address challenging
problems including but not limited to:

Our research targets complex semantic tasks spanning multiple sentences and
involving first-order as well as higher-order relations. Research work in
discourse processing will focus on enlarging the scope and improving the recall of
information extraction by modeling discourse constructs. The ideal candidate will
be an expert in structure prediction for relation extraction, have a working
knowledge of syntactic and shallow semantic parsing, and experience in weakly
supervised structure prediction.

Validating pieces of information extracted from our data is business-critical.
Research work in data mining will focus on assessing both the predictive power and
the novelty of extracted information. In addition to validating extracted
information, the ideal candidate will provide feedback to the natural language
processing research team as to which pieces of information to extract in order to
gain further statistical insights.

Achieving consistent annotation needed for training target statistical models is
one of our core research tasks. The ideal candidate will implement annotation
procedures, possibly relying on crowd or community sourcing. Additional tasks
include curating linguistic resources relevant to information extraction tasks. A
background in linguistic analysis of real-world text data is required. Working
knowledge of NLP tools is a plus.

Mapping textual data to representations of meaning suitable for data aggregation
is one of our core objectives. The ideal candidate will design broad-coverage
semantic representations deep enough for capturing linguistic phenomena relevant
to data aggregation, and build statistical models to learn these representations
given limited supervision.

We take great pride in running our machine learning and NLP algorithms on real
world datasets at real world speeds. A successful candidate should be able to help
the researchers to implement and optimize their algorithms for near real-time
performance over terabytes of data, and integrate these algorithms into our
overall NLP pipeline. Candidates should be comfortable working heavily with our
application development team and coordinating research work with product
development. The ideal candidate will have a Masters in CS (or equivalent), with
experience in distributed systems and/or high-performance algorithms.

Note: If you are an NLP, ML, or data mining researcher interested in joining our
team and your profile does not fit the positions listed below, don’t hesitate to
contact us anyway. We have tons of extraordinary challenges! We look forward to
hearing from you!