UAI 2012 Call for Papers

Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence 2012
Catalina Island, California, USA
14 – 18 August 2012

We are soliciting papers which describe novel methodology, or
non-trivial applications of existing methodology, related to modeling,
inference, learning and decision making under uncertainty. Examples of
relevant application areas include, but are not limited to,
computational biology, computer vision, speech processing,
computational linguistics, information retrieval, medical systems,
multi-agent systems, robotics, and sensor networks. The best way to
get a sense for what kinds of papers are appropriate is to look at
past UAIs. Authors of papers that win best paper awards will be
invited to submit their papers to the Artificial Intelligence Journal,
with special “fast track” status.

Important dates for authors

Friday, March 30, 11:59pm: UAI full paper submission
Friday, May 11: Reviews available.
Friday, May 18, 11:59pm: Author feedback due.
Friday, June 1: Author notification.
Friday, June 15, 11:59pm: Camera ready due.
Times and dates are in universal time (UTC).

Formatting instructions etc are available at