Teleconference Seminars, Spring 2012

Dear colleagues,

We are organizing a series of teleconference seminars alternating every other week between 2 themes:
– causality
– model selection

In April, the invited speakers are Gavin Cawley, Richard Kennaway, Kristin Bennett, and Ioannis Tsamardinos.

Thursday, April 5 9 am PT Gavin Cawley Model selection – the best place to look for performance gains (see chapters 3 and 13 of “hands-on book”)
Thursday, April 12 9 am PT Richard Kennaway When causation does not imply correlation: robust violations of the faithfulness axiom Abstract
Thursday, April 19 9 am PT Kristin Bennett Multi-level optimization (see chapters 15 of “hands-on book”)
Thursday, April 26 9 am PT Ioannis Tsamardinos Towards Integrative Causal Analysis of Heterogeneous Datasets and Studies

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Best regards,

Isabelle Guyon