Postdoc positions in Cambridge, UK — image analysis, machine learning, dynamic modelling, computational biology

Dear friends and colleagues,

My lab at the CRUK Cambridge Research Institute has three open postdoc positions for researchers with an image analysis, machine learning, dynamic modelling, or computational biology background.

1. Image analysis and genomics: We will investigate the interplay between genomic features of tumours and the microenvironment in breast cancer, as it is visible in histopathological images.

2. Dynamic modelling: We will combine a dynamic systems biology model of Estrogen Receptor (ER) signaling with a genome-wide map of epigenetic and genetic determinants of ER binding in cell lines and primary breast cancers.

3. Systems genetics: Together with the Ponder lab at CRI we will dissect susceptibility to disease in breast and lung cancer.

More information and links to the official job site, where you need to apply, at

Please forward this email to all suitable candidates.

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Florian Markowetz

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