Win a free Kinect by donating gesture data


sponsored by Pascal2

Whether you are a computer vision researcher, want to become one, or just want to have some fun, we are preparing a fun series of events for you.
Our first step is a data exchange ending September 7, 2011.
Hurry: if you are among the first few qualifying entrants, you win a free Kinect sensor!

Participating is easy:
1) Subscribe at (you will need to create a Google account if you do not have one).
2) Mail us some data recorded on a hard drive:
* Send us the gesture data you already recorded, OR
* Collect new data following our specifications:
– Choose a gesture lexicon (from the list we provide).
– Download a script (determining which gestures you will play and in which order).
– Practice in front of a mirror.
– Record your videos following the script.
If you are a Matlab user, you may use our data recording software.

See detailed instructions at (accessible only to subscribers of the gesturechallenge Google group).

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Isabelle Guyon and Vassilis Athitsos