Three Post-Doctoral Research Assistantships and PhD Studentships

The UK-EPSRC funded project “Learning to Recognise Dynamic Visual Content from Broadcast Footage” is a collaboration between the University of Surrey (Prof Richard Bowden), the University of Oxford (Prof Andrew Zisserman) and the University of Leeds (Dr Mark Everingham) with research staff appointed at each institution.

The aim of the proposed research is to develop computer vision and machine learning methods for understanding dynamic visual content. These methods will support systems capable of automatically recognising from video the actions of people, and their interactions with others, objects and the environment. There are two demonstration activities in the areas of Sign Language Recognition and that of more general broadcast content. The project will develop new approaches to weakly supervised learning from subtitles and transcripts.

The project is funded for four years and each institution will host one RA and there are also funded PhD positions available, however all parties will work closely together to fulfil the project objectives.

Potential candidates for the postdoctoral position should hold a PhD in a related discipline with a proven track record in terms of international publications. You should have a research background in computer vision or machine learning. Experience in areas such as human detection, tracking and Sign Language, gesture or activity recognition would also be an advantage. You should have the technical skills necessary to create new and exploit existing software tools for video analysis.

Informal academic enquiries may be made to: Prof Richard Bowden, +44 (0)1483 689838,