Job openings in machine learning in India

Aspiring Minds, a three year old MIT alumnus founded start-up is looking to hire both interns and full-time people in the areas of machine learning and statistical modeling. Our core work is in matching graduating students to jobs through a detailed assessment of their capabilities and skills. The proposition is being able to predict at the time of hiring whether the applicant will succeed in a given job role (say a sales role). The assessment product and the predictive matching algorithm heavily use learning and optimization algorithms. More than 250,000 graduating students across India take our standardized test, AMCAT to make themselves and their skills visible to corporates. This helps the students get an interview opportunity and eventually a job matching his/her skill set. The corporates are able to identify and locate talent, which was hidden to them till now. A good job-matching algorithm helps making the labour (job) market more efficient and enable fair return to human capital.

The full-time position is a leadership role in developing the next generation products at Aspiring Mind such as automatic speech quality assessment, automatic essay grading and developing algorithms to learn predictive models constrained by a given grammar. The idea is not just to be able to make the best model with the available parameters, but to discover new parameters (or features) with predictive power, find ways to measure it and deploy them in products. The employee will work with a team of research engineers at Aspiring Minds. Ideally, a candidate with strong expertise in both theoretical and practical aspects of machine learning is best suited for the position.

Apply now: Please find details of the job role followed by a blurb on Aspiring Minds’ concept and current progress at If you are interested in working with us, directly email varun(at) We can have detailed discussions on your potential role and opportunities. The job location is Gurgaon, India.