ICCV 2011 – Call for demos

Deadline: September 11, 2011


ICCV 2011 will host demonstrations. The purpose of demos is to give
researchers the opportunity to showcase live demonstrations of their
contributions. The demonstrations need not be limited only to papers
that have been presented at ICCV 2011. Researchers are encouraged to
demonstrate the effectiveness of methods described in papers presented
in the past conferences and in other venues, so long as they fall
within the broad context of ICCV. During the conference, the Demo
Chairs will select the recipient of the Best Demo Award.

Prospective demo participants should fill out and submit a demo
application form and email it to demo(at)iccv2011.org. Please be advised
that all of the people presenting the demo must be registered at the
conference. If there are more applications than the available space
allows, the time of submission of the complete application will be
used for selection. The conference also reserves the right to select
demonstrations based on the degree of appropriateness for ICCV.

Demonstrations can be made with the help of industrial partners, but
commercial products should be presented as part of the ICCV exhibits,
rather than demonstrations.

Deadline for application: September 11, 2011
Space assignment Emailed: September 18, 2011

For further information about demos please contact the demo chairs