PhD Vacancy at UCL

PhD Studentship at University College London (3.5 years, UK/EU students only)
Title: Synthesizing and Editing Photo-realistic Visual Objects


Current computer graphics techniques allow us to render almost any object at near photo-realistic quality. However, the standard approach necessitates that the user painstakingly specifies all aspects of the geometric and material properties of the object. This is time-consuming and needs skilled human operators. In this project we will investigate a radically different pipeline for computer graphics that will allow non-experts to rapidly create and edit photo-realistic two-dimensional images of objects. The core idea is to treat an image as a structured collection of fragments of other objects. Based on knowledge of such structured collections (e.g., a face has two eyes above a nose, which is above a mouth, and so forth), we want to create new images by piecing together fragments of library examples. This project is a unique opportunity to learn more about computer graphics and computer vision, and at the same time make a real impact.

We are looking for someone who has:

– A first-class BSc/MSc degree in Computer Science

– Programming experience (C++ and/or Matlab)

– Exposure to computer graphics, computer vision, and machine learning

– Previous working experience in a laboratory setting

– Excellent communication skills (oral and reading/writing of papers)

– Ability and willingness to acquire new skills

How to apply:

Applications received by May 24th will receive priority consideration, and are evaluated on a rolling basis. Please send an initial informal inquiry to the prospective supervisor (j.kautz at, citing ‘photo-real objects’ in the subject and outlining your interest and experience. Please include your CV and contact details of two academic referees. Actual applications should then be submitted through UCL ( students/graduate-study/index/graduate-study/application-admission), specifying Computer Science as the department and “Jan Kautz” as the supervisor.

Start date: Late September 2011

Eligibility requirements:

The project is funded by EPSRC. Standard eligibility requirements hold, i.e., the candidate must be a UK or European citizen.