Call for Papers 4DMOD ICCV Workshop

IEEE International Workshop on Dynamic Shape Capture and Analysis (4DMOD)

International Conference on Computer Vision ICCV 2011, Barcelona, Spain

Workshop date: November 13th 2011

Deadline for Paper Submission: July 1st 2011

Modeling shapes that evolve over time, analyzing and interpreting their motion has been a subject of increasing interest to many research communities including computer vision, graphics and medical imaging. Recent evolutions in acquisition technologies including 3D depth cameras (ToF and Kinect), multi-camera systems, marker based motion capture, ultrasound and CT scans have enabled capture of real dynamic scenes. This has focused research on the creation of 4D spatio-temporal models from scene measurements and subsequent analysis and interpretation. A number of applications including human motion capture, dynamic shape modeling and animation, temporally consistent 3D reconstruction and motion analysis have emerged. The purpose of this workshop is to provide a venue for researchers investigating modeling dynamic scenes from various sensor modalities to present their work, exchange ideas and identify challenging open-problems.

Keynote Speakers:
Michael Black, MPI Saarbrucken, Germany
Christian Theobalt, Brown University USA/MPI Tuebingen, Germany

High-quality papers are invited which present novel research related to any aspect of modeling and analysis of dynamic scenes, including but not restricted to:
• 4D acquisition of real-world dynamic scenes
• Shape recovery of dynamic 3D scenes
• Temporally consistent tracking of deformable surfaces
• 4D Representation
• 4D Reconstruction from Medical Images
• Deformation surface models
• Free-viewpoint and 3D video
• Marker-less human motion capture (articulated and surface based)
• Monocular and multi-view deformable surface capture
• Animation and texture transfer
• Deformable surface tracking for medical applications
• Deformable Shape Matching
• Motion analysis
• Shape analysis
• Shape segmentation
• Learning of model deformations
• Space-time geometry processing
• Applications of 3D video and 4D modeling

Papers must describe high-quality, original research in areas related to modeling and analysis of dynamic scenes and their applications. By submitting a manuscript to 4DMOD, the authors assert that the submitted papers are not substantially similar to any paper published or submitted elsewhere. All submissions will be handled electronically. No double submission to other conferences is allowed. Instructions on paper submission can be found at:

All papers will be subject to peer review and published by the IEEE and will be part of the ICCV workshop proceedings distributed on the conference DVD. Submitted papers must comply with the ICCV style and length requirements (up to 8 pages). 4DMOD reviewing is double blind, all papers should follow the usual guidelines for preservation of anonymity.

Important Dates

Paper submission deadline: July 1st 2011

Notification of Acceptance: August 1st 2011

Final camera-ready paper submission: September 1st 2011

Workshop date: November 13th 2011