CfP: Google Summer of Code – Shogun Machine Learning Toolbox (Deadline April 8, 19hrs UTC)

Call for Participation

We are looking for interested students to join us in improving the
shogun machine learning toolbox ( in this
years google summer of code.

Application deadline is April 8, 19hrs UTC and the program will run from
April to the end of August (cf. )

About Google Summer of Code
Google Summer of Code is a global program that offers students stipends
($5000 / per student) to write code for open source projects.

About the shogun machine learning toolbox
SHOGUN is a machine learning toolbox, which is designed for unified
large-scale learning for a broad range of feature types and learning
settings. It offers a considerable number of machine learning models
such as support vector machines for classification and regression,
hidden Markov models, multiple kernel learning, linear discriminant
analysis, linear programming machines, and perceptrons. Most of the
specific algorithms are able to deal with several different data
classes, including dense and sparse vectors and sequences using floating
point or discrete data types. We have used this toolbox in several
applications from computational biology, some of them coming with no
less than 10 million training examples and others with 7 billion test
examples. With more than a thousand installations worldwide, SHOGUN is
already widely adopted in the machine learning community and beyond.

SHOGUN is implemented in C++ and interfaces to MATLAB, R, Octave,
Python, and has a stand-alone command line interface. The source code is
freely available under the GNU General Public License, Version 3 at

How to Apply
– To apply for shogun, select one or multiple topics from our ideas
list or propose topics you
are highly interested in – we might be very interested too 🙂

– Before applying, please ensure that you have your working environment
set up, i.e. checkout shogun from git and successfully compiled its
relevant parts (see instructions on and
indicate that you have done so.

Please note that we have an application template that following will
incredibly help us to process your application. It is at the bottom of
the website (link follows below). This webpage also has the register for
GSoC application link

If you have further questions don’t hesitate to ask on the shogun
mailinglist (shogun-list(at), please note that you have
to be subscribed in order to post) or on channel

Additional Resources
– In case you are unsure if you are good enough or have other questions
check out the student FAQ.

– Some general guidelines how to make a good impression 🙂