Pascal Exploration & Exploitation Challenge 2011 – Call for submissions

Are you interested in online learning and website optimisation?

The Exploration & Exploitation Challenge, running under the auspices of the Pascal Network of Excellence and Adobe-Omniture, seeks to improve the relevance of content presented to visitors of a website, based on their individual interests. Participants will submit algorithms whose job will be to predict which visitors are likely to click on which piece of content, and to learn from experience. Submissions will be evaluated on how many clicks they get.

There is information to get started and a screencast at . Please contact us at if you need any help!

There will also be an ICML workshop on the topic of Exploration & Exploitation, on 2 July 2011, where the final results will be revealed and the winner will be declared. More information is available at .

The organisers
Louis Dorard, John Shawe-Taylor, Suzanne Weller, Dorota Glowacka