ICML workshop on Unsupervised and Transfer Learning

ICML workshop on Unsupervised and Transfer Learning
July 2, 2011, Bellevue, Washington state, USA

and UTL Challenge (phase 2: transfer learning — $3000 in prizes)

If you are working on transfer learning or kernel learning, you may want to consider entering the challenge we are currently running.
The goal is to demonstrate that you can learn data representations or kernels, which can be re-used across similar tasks.

We have an accepted workshop at ICML [entering the challenge is not a requisite to submit a paper to the workshop and vice versa].

– Challenge deadline: April 15
– Paper deadline: April 29
– Challenge website: http://clopinet.com/ul
– YouTube video (only 15 min) if you want to learn about transfer learning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ChVn3xVNDI
– The proceedings will be published in JMLR W&CP and as a book in the CiML series of Microtome publishing.