Call for Posters: CVPR’11 Workshop on Fine-Grained Visual Categorization (FGVC)

Deadline for Submission: April 1, 2011 (23:59 GMT)
Notification of Acceptance: Early May, 2011 (4 or 5-week review period)
Workshop date: June 20, 24 or 25, 2011

Fine categorization, for example the fine distinction into species of
animals and plants, of car and motorcycle models, of architectural
styles, etc., is one of the most interesting and useful open problems
that the machine vision community has yet to confront. Aspects of fine
categorization (also referred to as “subordinate categorization” in
the psychology literature) are discrimination of related categories,
taxonomization, and discriminative vs. generative learning.

Fine categorization lies in the continuum between basic level
categorization (frog vs piano) and identification of individuals (face
recognition, biometrics). The visual distinctions between similar
categories are often quite subtle and therefore difficult to address
with today’s general-purpose object recognition machinery. It is
likely that radical re-thinking of some of the matching and learning
algorithms and models that are currently used for visual recognition
will be needed to approach fine categorization.

This workshop will explore computational questions of modeling,
learning, detection and localization. The invited talks, including
researchers from psychology and psychophysics, will shed light on
human expertise and human performance in subordinate categorization
and taxonomization.

Topics of interest include the following:
– Novel datasets for fine-grained categorization
– Appropriate error metrics for fine-grained categorization
– Constructing field-guides for visual categories
– Embedding human experts’ knowledge into computational Models
– Fine-grained categorization with humans in the loop
– Attribute-based techniques for fine-grained categorization
– Using taxonomies to improve fine-grained categorization
– Part-sharing models for categorization/recognition
– Zero-shot/one-shot recognition
– Transfer-learning from known to novel subcategories
– Domain-specific techniques that generalize to various other domains
– Unsupervised subcategory discovery
– Learning of discriminative features for fine-grained categorization
– Multimodal (e.g. combined audio/video) techniques for fine-grained

Submission and Reviews:
We invite submission of 1.5-2 page extended abstracts describing work
in the domains suggested above or closely-related areas. Accepted
submissions will be presented as posters (standard CVPR poster format)
at the workshop. Authors are invited to submit a draft or sketch of
the poster’s contents as an optional 3rd page. The extended abstract
and poster sketch should be submitted as a single PDF file with no
more than 3 pages. We also invite authors of accepted CVPR’11 papers
submit an extended abstract of their work to the workshop. Reviewing
of abstract submissions will be carried out by the Program Committee
and will be double-blind.

More information can be found on the FGVC website: