CFP: META-NET Workshop on “Context in MT”, 14 June 2011

Call for abstracts and participation:

META-NET workshop in ICANN 2011 conference
Espoo, Finland, 14th of June, 2011
Abstract submission: 16th of March, 2011


ICANN 2011 conference brings together researchers from computational
modeling, including machine learning and neural networks as well as
different scientific disciplines in which these methods are applied.
In the ICANN 2011 conference, there will be six keynotes by
renowned scientists:

– Tom Griffiths, University of California Berkeley,
– Riitta Hari, Aalto University,
– Geoffrey Hinton, University of Toronto,
РAapo Hyvärinen, University of Helsinki,
– John Shawe-Taylor, University College London, and
– Josh Tenenbaum, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Machine Translation can be considered to be one of the most
challenging tasks computer science has ever taken. Statistical methods
have been increasingly successful in providing efficiently MT
solutions for many language pairs. However, there is a lot of room for
improvement regarding the quality of translations. Prototypical
sentences are translated well but in certain situations the end result
is far from expected. One central reason for the failures is that
current systems take the context into account only in a limited

In natural language processing, the context of use has a considerable
impact on the understanding process. It can refer to multiple kinds of
meta-data, including information on the document type, domain, genre
and medium used. Automatic machine translation systems typically
restrict the considered context to one sentence or smaller parts of


META-NET Network of Excellence organizes a workshop on Context in
Machine Translation to foster exchange of ideas and results in this
area. The notion of context is meant to be understood broadly,
including other modalities (like vision) in addition to the textual
contexts. Therefore, we expect participants, e.g., from machine
translation, machine learning, vision research and cognitive systems

The workshop takes place on Tuesday, 14th of June, 2011 at Aalto
University School of Science as a part of ICANN 2011 conference
programme (see for details).

In the workshop, the task and data for Context in Machine Translation Challenge will be


We invite presentations related to the domain of the workshop. This is
an interdisciplinary event and therefore contributions from different
relevant disciplines including language technology, machine learning and cognitive
systems are welcome.

The registration information to ICANN 2011 including conference fees
is available at

If you would like to give a presentation, please send the title and and (extended)
abstract of your presentation in pdf format by 16th of March, 2011 to
and The book of abstracts will be available in the workshop.
The workshop programme will be announced by the end of March, 2011.

If you wish to participate to the workshop without a presentation, please register
normally to the conference and send an e-mail to
jaakko.j.vayrynen(at) by 10th of June, 2011. Please note
15th of April as the deadline for early bird registration.