Book series on challenges in machine learning

We have the pleasure of announcing a book series on “Challenges in Machine Learning”:

Series: Challenges in Machine Learning
Series editor: Isabelle Guyon
Production editor: Nicola Talbot

Challenges have become a new way of pushing the frontiers of machine learning research; every year, several competitions are organized and the results are discussed at major conferences. The books of this innovative series collect papers written by successful competitors, reprinted from the Journal of Machine Learning Research and its Workshop and Conference Proceedings series. They also include analyses of the challenges, tutorial material, dataset descriptions, and pointers to data and software. Together with the websites of the challenge competitions, they offer a complete teaching toolkit and a valuable resource for engineers and scientists.

Now available:

* Causation and Prediction Challenge: Challenges in Machine Learning, volume 2(ISBN 978-0-9719777-2-3)
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Coming soon:

* Hands-on Pattern Recognition: Challenges in Machine Learning, volume 1 (ISBN 978-0-9719777-1-6)
* Causality: Objectives and Assessment: Challenges in Machine Learning, volume 3(ISBN 978-0-9719777-3-0)
* The 2009 Knowledge Discovery in Data Competition (KDD Cup 2009): Challenges in Machine Learning, volume 4 (ISBN 978-0-9719777-4-7)