Tenure positions in Machine Learning

We would like to advertize the opening of positions for different tenure research positions at the INRIA, France. Statistical learning is one of the eligible topics. This is a nationwide campaign.
Two INRIA research groups located in Lille are particularly interested in applicants in statistical learning:
– SequeL: http://sequel.lille.inria.fr, contact: philippe.preux(at)inria.fr and remi.munos(at)inria.fr
– Mostrare: http://mostrare.inria.lille.fr, contact: remi.gilleron(at)inria.fr
Other groups may be interested in other locations in France.

All information, incl. application form, is available on the web:
– http://en.inria.fr/institute/recruitment/offers/five-junior-research-scientist-positions-vacant/competitive-selection-2011 for junior researchers (~ PhD + short post-doc)
– http://en.inria.fr/institute/recruitment/offers/three-experienced-research-scientists-positions-vacant/competitive-selection-2011 for experienced researchers (~ PhD + longer post-doc)
– http://en.inria.fr/institute/recruitment/offers/ten-senior-reseach-scientist-position-are-vacant/competitive-selection-2011 for senior researchers (~ PhD + 5 to 10 years of experience in research)

It is essential that you get in touch with the teams before you apply.


R. Gilleron & Ph. Preux