ICCS 2011 workshop on High-dimensional Data Visualization: CFP

Call for papers

ICCS 2011 workshop on High-dimensional Data Visualization

A workshop in conjunction with the ICCS 2011 conference,
International Conference on Computational Science,
Tsukuba (Japan), June 1-3, 2011


Deadline for submission of papers: January 8, 2011

Short overview (see http://www.dice.ucl.ac.be/~verleyse/ICCS%202011 for more detailed CFP):

Data visualization plays an important role in data analysis and mining, by helping to find specificities of data (clusters, outliers, densities,…) that in turn determine the choice for analysis tools and algorithms. Recently, there has been an increasing scientific activity in the development of nonlinear algorithms for visualizing data, in the contexts of nonlinear dimensionality reduction and manifold learning. While algorithms are now established, there is still a lack of applicability in real-world situations, on high-dimensional data, and of objective criteria to assess the quality of the visualization. This workshop will concentrate on recent developments, including the applicability to high-dimensional data, the methodology to choose methods, and their objective evaluation.

Workshop organizers:
Michel Verleysen, Université cat. Louvain (Belgium), michel.verleysen(at)uclouvain.be
Fabrice Rossi, Télécom ParisTech (France), fabrice.rossi(at)telecom-paristech.fr
John Lee,Université cat. Louvain (Belgium), john.lee(at)uclouvain.be

Paper submission and format :
See http://www.dice.ucl.ac.be/~verleyse/ICCS%202011 for detailed instructions.