CFP: Self-* Search (GECCO 2011 New Frontiers Track)

Call for papers: Self-* Search (New Frontiers Track)
at GECCO, July 12-16, Dublin, Ireland

Search and optimization problems are everywhere, and search algorithms
are getting increasingly powerful. However, they are also getting
increasingly complex, and only autonomous self-managed systems that
provide high-level abstractions can turn search algorithms into widely
used methodologies. Such systems should be able to configure themselves
on the fly, automatically adapting to the changing problem conditions,
based on general goals provided by their users.

The aim of the Self-* Search track at GECCO 2011 is to bring together
all researchers interested in software systems able to automatically
tune, configure, or even generate and design optimization algorithms
and search heuristics.

The Self-* Search track is a brand new track in 2011, selected among
the competing entries to the “New Frontiers Track” for its novelty and
potential. It is an exciting opportunity to explore emerging new
research directions, and to confront ideas originating from the
different fields of Computer Science concerned with adaptive search and
optimization, from Artificial Intelligence to Operational Research and
Mathematical Programming.

We invite all papers related to Self-* Search, in particular (but not
limited to) those in the following subject areas: hyper-heuristics,
adaptive and self-adaptive parameter control, adaptive operator
selection, automated construction of search heuristics, systems to
build systems, computer-aided algorithm design, multi-level search,
experimental analysis of algorithms, automatic algorithm configuration,
adaptive multimeme algorithms, software self-assembly, reactive search,
intelligent optimization, algorithm selection and portfolios, and all
applications of self-* techniques to multi-objective, dynamic, and
complex real-world problems.

Self-* Search related papers were scattered across several GECCO tracks
in previous editions. We have this year a unique opportunity to both
gather and unify these threads into a single track, and open up the
scope for new and ambitious research directions in automated
heuristic design, and autonomic computing in general. Our hope is
that your numerous submissions will demonstrate the importance of
this line of research, and that this track will continue to flourish
with your support and enthusiasm.


Track Chairs: Gabriela Ochoa and Marc Schoenauer
Paper submission: GECCO submission procedure and guidelines

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