PhD Studentships in Probabilistic Machine Learning

A number of PhD studentships are available in the newly established

Probabilistic Machine Learning group, headed by Matthias Seeger
School of Computer and Communication Sciences
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)

The group focusses on the development and analysis of scalable Bayesian
inference and graphical modelling technology, with challenging applications to
Bayesian experimental design (adaptive compressive sensing, active learning),
medical imaging (magnetic resonance imaging), low-level computer vision, signal
and image processing, and modelling of neural recordings, as well as
learning-theoretical characterizations of such probabilistic setups.

It is part of Europe’s highest ranked computer and communication sciences
faculty at EPFL, one of the leading technical universities worldwide, a unique
surrounding for study and research, where collaborations with top scientists
in computer vision, medical and scientific imaging, signal processing, and
information theory can be forged. EPFL is beautifully located at the shores
of Lake Geneva, offering views of the highest peaks of the Alps, and the
Lausanne area is known for its numerous cultural festivals.

Openings are available for exceptional students with excellent mathematical
background and very high motivation for research in probabilistic machine
learning, approximate Bayesian inference, and applications thereof. Admission
to the doctoral program is internationally competitive.

Application to the doctoral program EDIC is centralized. Please refer to

for any details concerning the application process.

*** Do NOT reply to this mail or send me your documents, but submit them
*** through the site. Applications which are not centrally submitted,
*** cannot be considered.
*** Please indicate in your submission that you would want to work with
*** me (listing other faculty as well is perfectly fine), as this will
*** flag your application for me. You may want to indicate to me that you
*** have applied, but please do not expect a direct answer.

The deadline for applications is

January 15, 2011

Candidates who happen to attend the forthcoming Neural Information Processing
Systems conference (Vancouver, December 2010), should make themselves known
to me there.

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