5 open positions in Brain Computer Interface Company

BitBrain Technologies has 5 open positions in the R&D Department.

BitBrain is a spin-off company from the University of Zaragoza focused
on the development and commercialization of Brain-Computer interfaces
(more info http://www.bitbrain.es)

BitBrain seeks candidates with expertise in:

* Real-time systems, networks, artificial intelligence, C++ programming,
programming with graphical libraries (preferably Qt) and UML.

* Signal processing and biomedical instrumentation, biological signal
analysis and treatment (preferably EEG), biostatistics and pattern

Preferred qualifications:

* Expertise in Brain Computer Interfaces or related fields.
* PhD or Masters in Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science or
Electrical Engineering.

BitBrain offers:
* Immediate integration into a young and collaborative team.
* Competitive salaries in a high-tech company.
* Professional carrier with high projection.

BitBrain is located in the CEEI-Aragón of Zaragoza, a 2-minute walk from
the Polytechnic Campus of the University of Zaragoza.

If you are interested, send your CV to info@bitbraintec.com with the
subject: JOB OFFERS 2010.

Best regards,
Cecilio Angulo – UPC, Spain
Javier Minguez – UniZar, Spain