Special topic on Causality

Dear colleagues,

The Journal of Machine Learning Research has just finished publishing a
Special topic on Causality
Editors: Constantin Aliferis, Andre Elisseeff, Gregory Cooper, Isabelle Guyon, and Peter Spirtes

You may also be interested in two related volumes of JMLR W&CP:

Volume 3: Causation and Prediction Challenge (WCCI 2008)
Editors: Isabelle Guyon, Constantin Aliferis, Greg Cooper, André Elisseeff, Jean-Philippe Pellet, Peter Spirtes, and Alexander Statnikov.

Volume 6: Causality: Objectives and Assessment (NIPS 2008)
Editors: Isabelle Guyon, Dominik Janzing, and Bernhard Schölkopf.

Best regards,

Isabelle Guyon