Postdoctoral position within the area of Distributed Text Mining at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology

A post-doctoral position in the area of distributed text mining within the
COMIDOR project is available at the Department of Computer and Information
Science (IDI) in the Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and
Electrical Engineering (IME), the Norwegian University of Science and
Technology (NTNU).

COMIDOR (Cooperative Mining of Independent Document Repositories) is a
research project at NTNU that will focus on the mechanisms and algorithms
necessary to perform mining of independent document repositories. COMIDOR is
funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

Traditionally, text mining has been performed on a single text
collection, and in the case of collections from several repositories
these collections have first been merged before performing the mining
process. In some application areas, merging of collections is not
acceptable. For example, some repositories can not be merged for legal
reasons, while some can not be merged because of risk of revealing
classified information. In the COMIDOR project the aim is to develop
new solutions to mining of independent document repositories without
communication of base repositories. A more detailed description of the
project can be found at

The candidate should have a Ph.D. in Computer Science with solid
knowledge of text mining, data mining, or distributed data management, and
familiarity with program development. The postdoc position is for two

For more information, please Prof. Kjetil Norvag (project leader), noervaag

Specific Conditions: The postdoc position is placed in Norwegian salary code
1352, gross NOK 446.700 per year (equivalent to approx. EUR 56.500 and USD

Living Costs in Norway: A rule of thumb is that one pays appr. 35% tax on
net income. Public health care system is free for all (due to the tax
level). Generally there is no need for private health care insurances.
Education on all levels is free for all. Housing normally cost between NOK
4000 (for a simple one bed studio with kitchenette, possibly shared
bathroom) and 8000 (for a 3-4 piece apartment suitable for a small family)
per month.