Call For Participation: IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning 2010

Call For Participation

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor USA

18-21 August 2010, Ann Arbor, USA

This is an invitation to attend the
Ninth IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning 2010.

The conference will be composed of a single track with 4 keynote addresses, 24 oral paper presentations, 30 full paper posters, and poster highlights. ICDL-2010 will be held at the Rackham Building, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA, 18-21 August 2010.

Registration is required to attend. See below for:
A. General Information
B. Topical Scope
C. Registration Information
D. Student Travel Scholarships for Full-Time Students
E. Keynote Addresses
F. Detailed Congress Schedules/Programs
G. Location of ICDL 2010
H. List of Co-Sponsors of ICDL 2010
We look forward to seeing you in August.

General Co-Chairs
Professor Benjamin Kuipers, University of Michigan
Professor Thomas Shultz, McGill University

Program Co-Chairs
Professor Alexander Stoytchev, Iowa State University
Professor Chen Yu, Indiana University

A. General Information:

B. Topical Scope:

The goal of the Ninth IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning is to bring together leading researchers in robotics, machine learning, neuroscience, and developmental psychology, in order to gain new insights about learning and development in natural organisms and robots. The scope of developmental processes to be considered is broad, including cognitive, social, emotional, and many other skills exhibited by humans and other animals.

C. Registration Information:

D. Financial Assistantship for full-Time Students:

Thanks to a generous gift from Microsoft Research, we can offer up to eight (8) student travel scholarships of $200 each, for graduate students attending ICDL-2010. (If additional funds become available, we may make more and/or larger awards.) The awards will be made, and funds distributed, at the conference.

To apply, please send a hardcopy letter to Prof. Benjamin Kuipers, University of Michigan, Computer Science & Engineering Division, 2260 Hayward Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109.

The letter should be on your university letterhead. Please provide:
– your name
– mailing address
– email address
– whether you are the author of a paper or poster to be presented
– your estimated travel expenses for attending ICDL
– a signed endorsement by your advisor
The letter must be received by July 20, 2010.

E. Keynote Addresses:

F. Detailed Conference Schedules/Programs:

G. Location of ICDL:

H. List of Co-Sponsors of ICDL 2010: