Postdoc Positions in New Sheffield Centre

We would like to announce two post-doctoral researcher positions at a
new Sheffield-based Centre for Biosystems Modelling and Inference.
Funded by significant investment from the Faculties of Medicine and
Engineering, , the new center has made three faculty appointments:
Neil Lawrence,
Magnus Rattray and John R. Terry. It is located in a new institute in
a brand new building. The focus of research in the centre will be
probabilistic inference and dynamical modeling.

The two post-doctoral positions are associated with grants
investigating the use of Gaussian process models in biological
systems. The successful candidates will work with Professor Magnus
Rattray and Professor Neil Lawrence on these projects. The
appointments represent an excellent chance to work with a dynamic
group of individuals applying state of the art machine learning
techniques to problems in computational biology.

More details are available here:

Postdoc on the SYNERGY project:
Postdoc on Experimental Design:

Note that the closing date for application for the first position is
soon: 7th July 2010. The second position has a closing date of 23rd

Please contact Magnus or myself if you have any informal queries.

Neil Lawrence
Magnus Rattray