Public launch of the iATROS recognition system

The Pattern Recognition and Human Language Technologies group ( is proud to announce the public launch of the iATROS recognition system. iATROS is a toolkit that implements preprocessing and feature extraction for speech and handwritten text along with a recognition system based on Hidden Markov Models, N-grams and Finite State models.

iATROS is available from the following web page:

iATROS is implemented as a series of C modules under GPL3 license that can be easily compiled in any Linux environment. iATROS provides standard tools for off-line recognition and on-line speech recognition (based on ALSA modules). iATROS uses HMM on HTK format, N-grams in ARPA format and FSM in PRHLT format. More information is available in the following reference:

Míriam Luján-Mares, Vicent Tamarit, Vicent Alabau, Carlos-D. Martínez-Hinarejos, Moisés Pastor, Alberto Sanchis, and Alejandro Toselli. iatros: A speech and handwritting recognition system. In V Jornadas en Tecnologías del Habla (VJTH’2008), pages 75-78, Bilbao (SPAIN), Nov 2008.

iATROS was implemented in the framework of the iDoc project (TIN2006-15694-C02-01) funded by the Spanish government and FEDER.

Any question or suggestion on the iATROS system can be directed to the e-mail address

We hope you enjoy using iATROS in your projects!

The iATROS team.