Postdoc position in Edinburgh – Machine Learning and Systems Biology

A three years post-doctoral position on machine learning tools for systems biology is available within the Institute of Adaptive and Neural Computation, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh. The position is funded by a BBSRC award within the European ERA-SysBio SysMO initiative. The aim of this interdisciplinary project, which involves partners in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, is to achieve a systems biology understanding of the processes by which bacteria adapt to changing environmental conditions. This fundamental scientific question has potentially profound practical repercussions ranging from health (pathogenicity and infection control) to ecology (bacterial remediation of pollution, sustainable biofuel production). In Edinburgh, we will use probabilistic machine learning tools to model the changes in gene regulation and metabolism in the model bacterium E. coli caused by changes in oxygen availability.

The successful applicant will have an excellent background in a quantitative science (maths, physics, computer science) or in engineering. Previous knowledge of machine learning and/or dynamical systems and/or stochastic processes is desirable.

The post is available from 1st June 2010

For further details and to apply online, please go to