PASCAL Visual Object Classes Recognition Challenge 2010

We are running the PASCAL Visual Object Classes Recognition Challenge
again this year. As in 2009 there are 20 object classes for the main
competitions. Participants can recognize any or all of the classes,
and there are classification, detection and pixel-wise segmentation
competitions. This year there is an action classification taster
competition (new for 2010), as well as a taster competition on person
layout (detecting head, hands, feet). There is also an associated
large scale visual recognition taster competition organized by

The development kit (Matlab code for evaluation, and baseline algorithms)
and training data is now available at:

where further details are given. The timetable of the challenge is:

* 8 May 2010: Development kit (training and validation data plus
evaluation software) made available.

* 31 May 2010: Test set made available.

* 23 August 2010. Deadline for submission of results.

* 11 September 2010: Workshop in association with ECCV 2010, Crete.