COLT 2010: Call for Open Problems

COLT 2010 will include a session devoted to the presentation of open problems.
A description of these problems will also appear in the COLT proceedings.

The write-up of an open problem should include the following:

1. A clear, self-contained description of an open problem
2. Motivation for the study of this problem
3. The current state of understanding for this problem, including known
partial solutions and citations of related published work

We especially encourage people to propose descriptions of new interesting
research directions in areas that are currently outside the scope of COLT,
such as bioinformatics, privacy and security, and vision, to name a few.
Ideally, your open problems or research directions should include well-defined
mathematical questions, nontrivial, and explainable without requiring too
much specialized background knowledge in a 5-10 minutes talk. Monetary
rewards for solving an open problem are encouraged but not required.

Format and submission: The open problems should be 1-2 pages long in the
COLT proceedings format.

Please submit them electronically to with subject line
“open problem for Colt2010”. The submissions, in pdf or ps, should be
attached to the email.

Deadline: March 13, 2010.