Special Issue on Statistical and Relational Learrning and mining in Bioinformatics

Special issue of Fundamenta Informaticae on Statistical
and Relational Learning and Mining in Bioinformatics

Call for papers

There is an increasing interest for structured data in the machine
learning community as shown by the growing number of dedicated
Conferences and Workshops (MLG, SRL, ILP, MRDM). Bioinformatics is an
application domain of increasing popularity where information is
naturally represented in terms of relations between (possibly
heterogeneous) objects.

The special issue of Fundamenta Informaticae on Statistical and
Relational Learning in Bioinformatics will focus on learning methods
for structured biological data (relational data, graphs, logic-based
descriptions, etc) in the presence of uncertainty (probabilistic logic
models, Bayesian methods, etc). These methods are well-suited for this
application area, since the available data is highly complex and tends
to have a significant amount of missing information.

We therefore invite submissions that describe new theoretical insights
for new methods, problem settings, applications and models, exploiting
structured data in the field of biology. Survey papers discussing the
relationships among the various mathematical frameworks are especially
encouraged. Both new submissions and extended versions of contributions to the
StReBio workshops at ECML-08 and KDD-09 are welcome.

Methods include, but are not restricted to

* Statistical Relational Learning
* Relational Probabilistic Models
* Inductive Logic Programming
* Multi-relational Data Mining
* Graph Methods

The data, structures or models considered can include but are not limited to

* Sequences (DNA, RNA, protein)
* Pathways (chemical, metabolic, mutation, interaction pathways)
* 2D, 3D structures of proteins, RNA
* Chemical structures (e.g. QSAR, especially regarding interaction
of compounds with proteins)
* Evolutionary relations (phylogeny, homology relations)
* Ontologies integration (gene, enzyme, protein function ontologies)
* Large networks (regulatory, co-expression, interaction, and
metabolic networks)
* Concept graphs (including compounds, articles, authors, references)

Given the nature of the Fundamenta Informaticae journal, papers should
contain a more theoretical part presenting background, methods and
fundamental properties.

Important dates:
* Abstract submission: November 15th
– Paper submission: November 25th
– Notification: February 15th
– Revised versions: April 15th

Submission information:
Information on formatting (including Latex templates) can be found on
http://fi.mimuw.edu.pl/ (‘submissions’ tab). Please send submissions
to StReBioFI@cs.kuleuven.be

Guest editors:
Jan Ramon (K.U.Leuven, Belgium)
Fabrizio Costa (K.U.Leuven, Belgium)
Christophe Florencio Costa (K.U.Leuven, Belgium)
Joost Kok (Leiden University, Netherlands)