Morpho Challenge 2009: Call for participation

Please be reminded about the Morpho Challenge 2009 competition which
is part of the PASCAL Challenge Program.

The rules (briefly):
1. Prepare morpheme analysis for the provided word lists
2. The organizers will run evaluations in various tasks and languages
DL for submissions is 1 Aug, 2009.

The Morpho Challenge results workshop will be held in conjunction with
CLEF 2009 (Cross-Language Evaluation Forum) which takes place from 30
September to 2 October in Corfu, Greece.
DL for the papers is extended to 15 Aug, 2009.

More info:

Please contact, if you would like to be added in our mailing list.

Mikko Kurimo, Sami Virpioja and Ville Turunen
Adaptive Informatics Research Centre, Helsinki University of Technology
The organizers