PASCAL2 Workshop on Spatiotemporal Modelling

12th – 14th October 2009
Informatics Forum, Edinburgh, UK

Submission Deadline: July 30th 2009


Recent years have witnessed a considerable amount of research on modelling spatio-temporal systems both in an engineering and scientific domain. The combination of novel theoretical problems, important applications areas and mix of disciplines in spatiotemporal modelling offers real potential for some intellectual excitement.

The workshop aims to bring together the various interested communities (machine learning, control, statistics, geosciences, econometrics, ecology etc.), to focus on theoretical aspects of spatiotemporal modelling and to encourage cross pollination of ideas.

The workshop will be a two-day , single-track workshop, with two half days and one full day in between. We have 6 invited speakers and would like to encourage submission of abstracts for additional talks and posters. The oral sessions will be relatively short, punctuated by breaks and poster sessions to encourage discussion. We hope that submissions will come from a range of topics and applications surrounding spatiotemporal modelling, for example:
* learning and inference
* multi-scale modelling
* experiment design
* spatiotemporal covariance functions
* heterogeneous models
* sensor networks
* disease mapping
* …


* Manfred Opper, AI, Berlin.
* Sujit Sahu, Mathematics, Southampton.
* John Haslett, Statistics, Trinity College Dublin.
* Chris Glasbey, Biomathematics & Statistics Scotland, Edinburgh.
* Geir Storvik, Mathematics, Oslo.
* (and hopefully) Dan Cornford, Computer Science, Aston.


* Submission Deadline: August 14th 2009
* Author Notification: August 31st 2009
* Workshop: 12th – 14th October 2009


We welcome submissions of one page abstracts, in the Springer LNCS style. You can submit abstracts here:


* Dr Michael Dewar
* Prof Chris Glasbey
* Prof Chris Williams
* Dr Amos Storkey
* Dr Guido Sanguinetti
* Prof Visakan Kadirkamanathan