Research Scientist position – XEROX Research Centre Europe – Grenoble, France

Text and Visual Pattern Analysis

XEROX Research Centre Europe’s Text and Visual Pattern Analysis Area (TVPA) is an expanding team, which specializes in text and visual content understanding. Our mission is the delivery of Xerox’s innovative solutions that make everyday interaction with visual and textual content simple and effective. Our research is the result of combining skills mainly in machine learning, pattern recognition and image analysis. In particular we focus on text and image categorization, image enhancement, quality assessment and document imaging.

Your Job: Research Scientist

As a research scientist in TVPA you will be asked to generate and follow up on new ideas, on build strong competencies and intellectual property in Computer Vision and Pattern Analysis. In particular, you will be pursuing activities around our new research agenda on Applied Visual Aesthetics.

Moreover, you will collaborate in a small, agile team that leads the development of the OMNIA Project. OMNIA is a three year project funded by French Government aiming at developing innovative strategies for multimodal asset retrieval based on three main axes: content, emotion and visual aesthetics.

Research Topics:

* Design of aesthetic measures (light/colour harmony/composition analysis, aesthetic ontology design, user preference regression etc.)

* Image mood analysis (development of features capturing emotional content of visual information, design of classifiers for automatic labeling of assets)

* Assisted content creation and Image personalization (asset selection, features transfer, colour harmonization, etc.)


1. Inventing, implementing and evaluating novel imaging software.

2. Studying the state of the art, disseminate results on international conferences and journal papers, fulfill project deliverables.

3. Collaborating with other project partners in order to integrate the research results in a common environment/platform (sharing components, algorithms and methods).


– PhD in Computer Science with a strong history of systems building and publishing

-Deep and substantial background on Pattern Recognition/Computer Vision and Image Processing

-Strong English-language written and oral communications skills

Expected start date: Mid June 2009

Type of contract: Temporary position – 18 months

To apply: Please send your CV and cover letter to: luca.marchesotti (at), xrce-candidates (at)