PhD position in Machine Learning & Robotics, TU Berlin

The Machine Learning & Robotics group at TU Berlin is inviting applications for a PhD studentship. The position is financed from a cooperative project with the CoR-Lab Bielefeld and the Honda Research Institute (Offenbach), in particular with their ASIMO robotics lab. The project is about grasping using tactile and visual feedback and involves a realization on a robotics platform with a 7 DoF Schunk arm and a dexterous 3 finger Schunk hand. We aim to apply Machine Learning methods in this context, in particular probabilistic inference methods for the integration of goals, constraints and uncertain information on multiple sensor and motor representations, and learning of prototypes and representations. The position is based in Berlin but includes the unique chance to visit the Honda and Bielefeld lab for one or two months per year and actively transfer the developed methods. Applicants should have experience in one of the fields of robotics, control, or Machine Learning, and great interest in the combination of theoretical methods and robotic applications.

Applications and informal enquiries, e.g., concerning more details on the project, can be addressed to

Marc Toussaint, Ph.D., TU Berlin
mtoussai (at), cc: nilsp (at)

We would appreciate applications until April 15th.