Internet Mathematics 2009: call for participation

Internet Mathematics 2009
04.03.2009 – 15.05.2009


‘Internet Mathematics’ is a series of contests, started by Yandex. This year’s contest is the third since its launch in 2004/05. Previously, this event was also held in 2006/07. This year, the competition is targeted mainly at students, postgrads, programmers, and young researchers. The purpose of this contest is to create a higher profile for current challenges in information retrieval and to stimulate research in the field of Web data analysis.

The problem to be solved within ‘Internet Mathematics 2009′ is the same for all participants; to obtain a document ranking function based on learning set. Within Internet Mathematics 2009 we distribute real relevance tables that are used for learning ranking formula at Yandex. The tables contain computed and normalized features of query-document pairs as well as relevance judgments made by Yandex assessors. The tables do not contain original queries or URLs of original documents, semantics of the features is not revealed. Data set corresponds to approximately 20,000 queries and 200,000 documents and is divided into learning set and test set.

Participants can submit their solutions at any time during the competition period. Portion of participants’ submissions will be considered for preliminary public evaluation. After the deadline evaluations will be finalized and the best results will be announced. Winner will be awarded with money prizes (eligibility restrictions apply).

Questions or suggestions about the contest are welcome at